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How to Dress

Note:  If you are going on a whitewater river trip, read this section. If you are going on the Skagit River Bald Eagle Expedition, or the Stillaguamish Eagle Expedition,click here.

Dressing for Comfort and Safety on a Whitewater Trip: On all of our trips (except the Skagit River or Stillaguamish Eagle Expedition), you are required to wear a wetsuit. We recommend a farmer john wetsuit. This consists of a full pant and an attached vest. Your shoulders and arms are not covered by a farmer john wetsuit. This allows you to paddle easily.

Your wetsuit should be worn over a bathing suit. Your wetsuit becomes your first layer of clothing.

Because your wetsuit does not cover your arms and shoulders you need to bring additional clothing to wear over your wetsuit. On all but the very warmest days, you need to bring a sweater made of wool, polypropylene, or, better, nylon pile (fleece). Do not wear cotton T-shirts, flannel shirts, or cotton sweatshirts. Cotton soaks up water and provides no insulation when wet.

On colder days add a second sweater.

Your final layer should be a paddling jacket. This can be a nylon windbreaker, a rain jacket, a mountain parka, or a specially manufactured paddling jacket. The purpose of the paddling jacket is to shed water and keep your insulation dry. A paddling jacket is the most important layer of clothing after your wetsuit.

Footwear:  Wetsuit booties are the best footwear. On cold Spring trips, supplement your wetsuit booties by wearing neoprene, pile, or wool socks under your wetsuit booties. Never wear cotton socks under your booties, as this will make your feet colder. Keep in mind that your feet will be wet the entire trip.

Headgear: We supply top quality Pro-Tec helmets on these rivers:

On cold days, bring a stocking cap without a ball, or a specially manufactured helmet liner to wear under your helmet.

We do not wear helmets on these rivers:

On these rivers, bring your favorite hat to protect yourself from sunburn.

Gloves: We recommend neoprene gloves for early Spring trips. Wool mittens or gloves may also be worn, but these will be virtually worthless when they are soaking wet.

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