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Certified Guide Training

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Will I become a certified guide by completing North Cascades' training?

Yes. As a Washington State licensed whitewater craft operator, North Cascades provides certification for newly trained guides. We have trained and certified dozens of guides in our 31-year history. Our guides are known statewide, and, worldwide, as the very best. As a new trainee, you can continue a tradition of excellence and safety.

Are there other requirements for becoming a professional river guide?

In addition to completing a certified guide training program, new guides must be certified in First Aid and CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation).

What will I gain by being a certified river guide?

Only certified guides can work on commercial river trips. Once certified, you join a select group of expert paddlers. Where you take the sport of paddle rafting from there depends on you. Our trainees have guided professionally all across the United States, Alaska, South America, New Zealand, and Nepal.

How much will this cost me?

Fee for the entire season is $250 (including state sales tax). Trainees are also required to provide their own personal clothing (wetsuits or drysuits) while on the river. Trainees must also make their own arrangements for driving or carpooling to meeting places.

What does North Cascades provide during guide training?

North Cascades provides professional instructors, all river running equipment, guide manuals, and local shuttles. In addition, North Cascades provides a hearty riverside lunch and riverside mocha bar during all training sessions.

When are training sessions held?

Guide training begins Saturday, March 19, 2011, and continues every weekend day until the whitewater season ends at the end of September. To qualify as a state-certified guide, a trainee must complete a minimum of 10 whitewater trips.

How can I get more information?

Call 1-800-634-8433.

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